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While they might look cute, the damage they do is anything but. Protect your home & business with professional rodent control!

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I am the owner of the Lloyd’s rodent crew in Boston, MA. I created this business to help people like you get rid of rodents, moles and other pests! Here at the Rodent Crew HQ we ensure that every customer is greeted with a smile & has their issues taken care of on the first visit. Feel free to fill out our form and get a no-obligation quote to help you with your problem!

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Rats & Mice

Rats & mice can cause serious damage to your Boston house and should be taken care of quickly to avoid electrical outages from them chewing on electrical wires.

Wildlife Control in Boston, MA

Need to remove groundhogs, squirrels, moles, or gophers from your property in Boston, Massachusetts? Call us today for a free quote and get these pesky animals out!

Commercial Rodent Control Services

We have certified commercial rodent control technicians ready to put an end to groundhogs, moles, and more at your Boston businesses or commercial properties.

Termite Control NEW SERVICE

Are termites ruining the structural integrity of your home in Boston, MA? Shut down your termite worries once and for all and protect yourself from future infestations.

Bed Bug Pest Control NEW SERVICE

Dealing with bed bugs? Put an end to your pest problem for good by hiring pest exterminators that specifically specialize in getting rid of bed bugs.

Mosquito Control NEW SERVICE

Are mosquitoes making your yard area unpleasant? Get mosquitos professionally exterminated today by Lloyd's Rodent Control Boston, MA!


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of pest control services for rats varies greatly depending on how quickly they are found before they reproduce and multiply. Expect to pay around $300-$500 to remove rats in your attic. For rats in the attic, the exterminator will need to access your attic and crawl space. We will use a proprietary method to deal with various types of rats.

The typical price range for rodent extermination is $172 to $520, with an average price of $342. The price really comes down to whether or not your rodent problem is bad and if you will need pest control service for your rodents multiple times or not.


Yes, absolutely. Rodent control is a serious thing you need to consider if you care about your families health and safety. Boston homes are known for having rodent infestations and it is extremely important to call a rat control exterminator like Lloyd’s Rodent Crew for help!


We service all areas of Boston and surrounding areas. If you have a rodent problem, feel free to get a quote on our website and we will send our rodent control crew to your property within just a few days to inspect your rodent infestation.

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4.93 / 5 stars (221 reviews)

Boston Rodent Control SERVICES

Best Rodent Exterminators in Boston, MA

Got a rat or mouse infestation?

That sucks. It's that time of year again when rats seem to be appearing of the woodwork! As seasons transform, we are seeing increasingly more of these pesky animals around our houses. Rats, computer mice, and also various other rats tend to get into our houses with openings in the outdoors wall surfaces and also by gnawing on any kind of cords they can discover. Once within, they can create some significant damage. That stated, there is one way you can maintain them out: hire Lloyd's Rat Team to do away with them for you!

What to do when you recognize you have a rodent infestation

If you have a computer mouse invasion in your residence or office, then you require to obtain a pest control expert right now. They are little and also can create a great deal of damages to your residential or commercial property. If you do not deal with them now, they will certainly simply recreate and also make the problem even worse quickly.
Pests can be a concern in any house. There are means to prevent this from taking place. Nevertheless, if you start to discover that there are rats living with you, then it is time to take action since they do not belong in your house.
Rodents can trigger a great deal of damages to your home if left alone for long periods of time. They can also be very harmful due to the fact that they are recognized to bring illness and ailments. You will find that exterminators have the training as well as experience needed to do pest control as well as safely get rid of these pests from your home.

Why you may be experiencing rodent problems

Rodents flourish in cities like Houston, Texas since cities such as this have lots of spare food existing around in wastebasket, family pet food, as well as other arbitrary food excluded. Simply residing in the city might be a reason that your outside wall surfaces as well as access factors of your home have rats and also computer mice.
If you think you may have a rat issue, you might wish to get a free assessment from Lloyds Rodent Crew for specialist rat removal. Rats live throughout the higher Houston area and it is very important to set preventative actions to maintain your home rodent-free.

Health threats

Rodents are exceptionally challenging to eliminate, and when you have them in your home, they can cause a lot of damage by gnawing on electrical circuitry. They additionally can lug illness that can be transferred to people. Since most pests, consisting of rats, mice, and also squirrels aren't visible till the problem leaves hand, it is necessary to act quickly if you assume you may have a rat problem.
A pest control technician/rodent exterminator is the very best option for doing away with these parasites since they have years of experience taking care of all sorts of rodents; it's not something that anybody else need to attempt if they don't recognize what they're doing.

Sorts of rat types

Norway Rat - Norway Rats are an around the world varieties of common rat that is also known as the common rat, street rat, sewer rat, wharf rat, Norwegian rat, Hanover rat, and Parisian rat. They are brown or grey-looking rats with a head and also body size of up to 28 cm (11 in) and also a tail that is rather much shorter than that.
Roof Rat - Because the Norway rat is larger, the roof rat is the smaller of both rats. Roof rats are occasionally called ship rats or black rats. The roofing rat obtains its name from its propensity to locate shelter in the upper parts of structures.
Both rats discover their method into crawl spaces and you might hear scraping at possible entry points on your residential property.

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